History, based on facts 

World history from 436 nC until 2018

The hungerdeath-war

invented in USA by

US-minister Morgenthau en

US-President F.D. Roosevelt,

made 10 million victims in Europe

1945-1948, hushed up until today,

but not the intended 200 million people.

For the near future a worldwide spread group has planned the end-solution for all others,

the Mega-Holocaust

via Morgenthau-Plan:

destroying all food-supplies, letting die all others from hunger.

They are talking continuously about it behind closed doors, and sometimes before. So you can

know it. Which group is it? Illuminati?

 Bilderberg-Group? Askinasi-Group?

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Do you know this smiling men?





Henry Morgenthau

Developing  4  possible

scenario’s after the attack