The old politicians don’t know another solution than letting bleed the citicens:  cuts.

The IQ-Party comes with a smarter approach:



wins the battle?

Healthy Science

*) There is fundamental criticism on the old power system. It is up to scientists to let see, where precisely it comprizes wrong elements (A1, B10, … )  and what has to be changed:  evolution.  Healthy science, honest science has the power to bring about the change:  some battles ahead.

Normality Movement, IQ-Party

Gunther Niessen, DSM-Pricewinner*


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Inventor Stanley Meyer

S o l u t i o n

How can we help the politicians  to escape from the treadmill of cuts? How can we hit them upon wiser ideas?  IQ-Partij has asked this and comes with a solution.

IQ-Partij has found 31 miljard .                     Read    


Read  A1, A3, A5, A6.  It belongs all together. ,  ……. …………..