Nikola Tesla and 1931 Pierce-Arrow automobile.


 Photo water-fuel-cell

production of hydrogene and oxygene


 Photo  H2-cell

production of hydrogene and oxygene      


Inventor Stanley Meyer,

murdered in March 1998,

got patents which can be read.


Reconstruction of his technology is possible and done many times all over the world. Engines are running, but production on big scale is sabotated, is “not allowed” by the powers behind the scenes.


The laws of nature are not violated. There is an invisible energy source helping to split water in  hydrogene and oxygene. There are many  invisible energy sources! Isn’t it?




Or can you see them?

Stanley Meyer

He has worked for you!

The oil-industry has robbed his work and murdered him.

And is trying to kill more


Read “uitgelekt” !